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    1 year, 1 month ago

    Thank you all for being here. Meltology is a great study. Our website will be updated soon. This “Social Media” feed is cool, but we intend for this site to be operating more interactively. A Media Content Network, Forums, Library and Archives. All you original members will be acknowledged. Again, thank you all. Gav and Mike.

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    • Yeah everyones welcome on the site its a university of truths covering several important key topics and Meltology is the biggie together with the old world because they are both linked and also we have the Plandemic groups touching on the past couple of bad years, then we have the gender deceiver group and we must all understand the link between this group and meltology? its called bread and circuses my friends keeping us distracted from meltology so yes a thank you to all and the next future members and lets change the reality into a better one much luv



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